Brief History of Piebird Farm Sanctuary

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To us, the Ethical Vegan lifestyle is not just choices that are sans-animal, it’s a life that celebrates other lives, celebrates other animal-persons. With that spirit, Piebird began in 2005 and has grown slowly and happily — being growers of food, it’s very fitting that our growth has been organic. We started living with animal-persons 12+ years ago here simply from the felt responsibility of having the space and ability. This evolved (and continues to evolve) slowly to a relationships of more meaningful equality. Daily there are understandings that allow these interspecies friendships to further bloom into equality. Because we are small scale, we operate more as a family than as a farm, so each family member here in the sanctuary is truly seen and heard.

As the sanctuary has developed, we have tried to create a space where Peace makes it’s presence felt. Being caregivers for the family of animal-friends who lives here is a form of love-based activism. Through meaningful (mystical) experiences, guests here inspire themselves to care about life, Earth, one another, to critically examine social justice issues, and to foster skills and adopt actions that will help birth Peace. We are inspired by them as well. This mutual inspiration helps us all further understand our ethical, environmental and social responsibilities.

As a sanctuary, our efforts are to inspire and empower all to put their energies towards confronting the systems of oppression. By creating a positive space, practicing non-violent communication (not to be confused with apathy), and building entry-points into empathy, we hope that the sanctuary inspires the movement to remain positive and cooperative.

Sanctuary life is a life of service. As a sanctuary, we operate as a fluid community, always adapting itself to the needs of the sanctuary residents. Respecting the changing needs of the animal-friends here requires a rich degree of individual responsibility. This level of self-responsibility makes it necessary for continued development of the self-aware individual to always be accountable to everyone around them, including themselves.

Piebird has always been a place for people to pause, remember, and re-connect with themselves, with the land, with each other, and with a sense of purpose, so that more honest innovations for addressing the change needed in our world can emerge.

We (Yan and Sherry) believe we can make gains in the animal rights world by helping humans work with the ingredients of friendship, love and kindness. We choose to live in love. We choose in live for liberation. We choose to live with plentiful peace.

We’re grateful for this life that allows us to foster truly respectful communion and coexistence with other animal-persons as a community. Grateful for the understandings that pronounce themselves, and for the goodnesses that speak.