ONTARIO Vegan Eco-Village / Interspecies Intentional Community:

The first community is being established in Ontario, on the land that is Piebird Farm Sanctuary / Vegan Farmstay (founded 2005). The sanctuary is in Nipissing Village, 3.5 hours North of Toronto (ie: North of Muskoka). Piebird is a beautiful retreat and an established self-sufficient sanctuary that is in a perfect position to evolve into an interspecies intentional community. Learn more if interested.

BRITISH COLUMBIA Vegan Eco-Village / Interspecies Intentional Community:

The vision is that the sustainable sanctuary/model that Piebird has developed will be a seed for other Peacebird communities to form. Already, there is interest for a Peacebird Animal Liberation Cooperative in BC. Unlike the Ontario community which already has land, this community is “forming” and currently scouting for suitable land.

If you are interested in being a founding member, contact us at love@piebird.ca¬†— (Or, if you are interested in seeding a community in another province/country, do get in touch as well.)